Our fish department is known for its active healthy fish and clean easy to browse tanks. We have a great selection of freshwater fish and plants from tetras to cichlids. We stock a varied selection of the industries top notch dry goods. Our fish are all kept in modern high-end containment systems, and no expenses is spared to minimize the chance of diseases in both our systems and yours

Our knowledgeable staff is trained to get to know you and your tank, this means we can prevent a lot of potential problems in your system whether its a fish that may get to large or even eat your other fish!

We label all our fish with detailed care information and compatibility so that you can find exactly what you are looking for and don’t end up with things you really don’t want! With just a glance you can know the agression levels, ph requirements, and temperature ideals for you fish. You even know the origin of your fish creating many opportunities for regional biotope systems.