Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Critter Cabana!

The volunteer program at Critter Cabana is intended to a serious program for anybody who is seriously interested in exploring animal related careers or contributing to the community through service to Critter Cabana. ย Training and preparation for new volunteers is expensive and time consuming and applicants should only apply if they have reviewed the program and are excited to make a commitment to participate in it.

Here’s some of the benefits of joining our volunteer program:

  • Employee discount on animals and dry goods
  • Looks excellent on a resumes
  • Excellent preparation for working in any animal related career (zoos, public aquariums, veterinary clinics, wildlife specialists, kennels, pet grooming, pet training, pet therapy, etc.)
  • Exceptional volunteers may be offered paid positions at the end of the volunteer period.
  • May qualify for credit for mandatory volunteer hours with schools and other organizations
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of educating your community and strengthening the bond between humans and animals
  • Become part of the Critter Cabana family!

Hopefully some of these perks have got you excited! ย If they do, you should take a look at our Volunteer Requirements page.

Please take the time to review the following resources:

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