Meet the Owners


Brittani is the hot momma who keeps our Wilsonville store running as smoothly as her family. Mother of two little todds, it seems there isn’t much that can slow her down. Along with Matt and Scott she is the owner and pioneer of Critter Cabana. She is an expert in all things mammalian, so look for her if you have questions about our furry friends. Her pets include Brody the Boxer, Fiona the Minpin, Raisin the Cat, Carrie, Ms. Nezbit, Wanda and the rest of the flock.


King of the office, Matt is always behind the scenes thinking of something genius to keep Critter Cabana happy and healthy just like its animals. He keeps his wife Brittani and brother Scott from doing anything too crazy, and aside from that, oversees all things adminstrative at the Cabana. You will also find him cruising the store making sure everyone is recieving the best service possible.


Scottie. Currently man-handling the Wilsonville store. If you have fish or reptiles and you live in Wilsonville or Newberg you probably recognize this wiley character. He tends to anything with scales or a slime coat. Scott isn’t afraid to tell you how it is, a much needed trait in the pet industry. You can count on Scott to set the record straight when it comes to modern husbandry tecniques. Scott’s dynamic presence at Critter Cabana is surely the reason so many people keep coming back. Scott’s pets Tarby Boulderboom the Samoyed, Gimli the pug, Moose the Bloodhound, Lloyd the Mali Uromastyx, 180 gallon plant/cichlid combo aquarium, two Fancy Rats, also host to Critter Cabana Sulcata fleet as weather permits.


Amanda Johnson. Yes, somehow we managed to con her into leaving the lap of luxury in the Willamette wine industry and taking on the stressful underpaid job of owning of Critter Cabana.