Small Animals In Stock

Here’s our updated daily in stock list.  Prices subject to change and sometimes our computer has errors, please call to verify.

In Stock List (Wilsonville):

Description Price Qty
SA Bunny (Dwarf) $49.99 1
SA Guinea Pig (American)(F) $49.99 1
SA Hamster (Djung Sunfire) Mal $23.99 1
SA Hamster (Djungarian) Male $23.99 1
SA Hamster (Fancy) Male $24.99 25
SA Hamster (Robo) $23.99 4

In Stock List(Newberg):

Description Price Qty
SA Bunny (Mini Rex) $49.99 5
SA Ferret $169.99 5
SA Gerbil (Female) $19.99 4
SA Hamster (Djungarian) Female $24 4
SA Hamster (Dwarf) Female $23.99 3
SA Hamster (Dwarf) Male $23.99 6
SA Hamster (L/H Teddy Bear) Ma $21.99 1
SA Teddy Bear Hamster (Female) $24 3
SA Teddy Bear Hamster (Male) $24 6

If you don’t see what you are looking for on our in stock list, we have regular access to the following, just ask!

  • Blueberry Dwarf Hamsters
  • Russian Dwarf Hamsters
  • Chinese Dwarf Hamsters
  • Roborovski Hamsters–the tiniest hamsters!
  • Black Bear Hamsters
  • Panda Bear hamsters
  • Long Hair Teddy Bear Hamsters
  • Fancy Rats–sometimes Dumbo, Rex and even hairless
  • Gerbils–Wilsonville’s favorite small animals!
  • Spiny Mice–a small, no smell pet
  • Chinchillas–softest animals in the world
  • Ferrets
  • Sugar Gliders
  • Hedghehogs–assorted colors
  • Bunnies – Assorted Breeds
  • Guinea Pigs – Assorted Varieties
  • Fancy Mice

For more information on any of our small animals give us a call.

“w/Setup Purchase” vs. “a la carte”?

“w/Setup Purchase” is a ¬†special discounted price that all customers receive when purchasing appropriate setup supplies at the time of purchase.

An setup must be approved by the sales rep at the time of purchase but for small animals generally includes the following:

  • A appropriate sized enclosure
  • Bedding
  • Food
  • Food dish
  • Water bottle
  • Wheels and hideouts
  • Chews

“A la carte” is the normal price for the animal without the special setup discount.