Educational Services

Critter Cabana is changing the way that people care for their animals,

we have found this is much easier to do with people who are still actively learning and we have a lot of hope for the next generation of pet owners. We offer many programs to teachers with minimal if any fees which only cover our hard costs. Many teachers use these programs for general animal education, others for enterainment. Either way, we love educating youth about joy in discovering and meeting an animals needs. Here are some basic requirements for integrating our staff and animals with your educational program.

An Interactive Experience

Field trips are the most common and simple service we offer.

A Critter Cabana field trip consists of a Critter Cabana staff member giving a hands on experience with 4-7 diverse animals selected based on the age of the group.

All Ages
  • Field Trips Onsite are $30 and usually available between 11:00AM and 2:30 AM Tuesday through Friday
  • Onsite Field Trips at any other time have an associated charge of $40 and are subject to final approval
  • Field Trips Offsite are available during weekdays and have an associated charge of $30 per half hour, per 15 students + $1 per mile distance from our store. Visits to multiple classrooms in a single day will help save on the travel costs. (AKA a 22 person class room visit for 1 hour in sherwood would be $30x2x2 + $10 mileage charge= $110)
  • Field Trips are only available for 1st through 6th Grade age kids
  • In-Store Field Trips require a student-chaperone ratio of 1-4 and kids should be prepared for a 20 minute guided session and 10-20 minutes for viewing other animals in the store, kids will not be able to handle caged animals during this time.

Critter Cabana Visits are a non-guided group visit to our store.

  • These are available any weekday before 3:00PM and are free of charge. This is good for pre-1st grade age kids who have a difficult time staying focused during an educational session

Animal for a day

  • This is an arrangement for a teacher to borrow an animal to take to a classroom, charge is $25.
  • We will provide an appropriate 1-day setup that can be picked up the night before it is needed, and returned to the store the following day
  • A deposit will be required, and costs of $10 a day will be charged for a late return

At this time We do not offer any services for groups larger than 30 people. However, we will be happy to consider this type of event on a case by case basis.
If you are interested in more information please contact Brittani, 503-537-2570 or