Guarantee Policy

Our Guarantee Policy on Live Aquatics

(must be Critter Rewards member for guarantee)

Freshwater Fish

  • 30 day guarantee with receipt
  • Applies to all fish under $10
  • Guarantee on fish over $10 is 7 days
  • Includes Bettas
  • NO receipt is required to receive a replacement, it is required to receive general store credit.
  • No cash refunds under any circumstances
  • Refunds will be given in store credit for the amount shown on the receipt
  • “In the bag” specials or special orders are not covered under this guarantee.
  • Credits over $10 require the fish to be brought in with a water sample from the tank (separate from the lost specimin/s). Requirements for credits over $10 are as follows: Ammonia = 0, Nitrites = 0, Nitrates < 40 ppm, pH within acceptable range for the specimin/s, must show no signs of physical damage (bruising, torn fins, etc)

Saltwater Fish 

  • Must be able to bring lost fish in within 24 hours of loss.

  • Fish can’t show signs of physical damage from other fish (Bruising, torn fins, etc.)
  • 7 Day Guarantee on tanks with Nitrates <5ppm, Specific Gravity between 1.020-1.026
  • 14 Day Guarantee on fish quarantined for 14 days prior to placement in show tank

Non-Sessile Invertebrates

  • No Guarantee

Sessile Invertebrates

  • 14 Day Guarantee with Nitrates <5ppm, Specific Gravity between 1.020-1.026, and Phoshpates <.05