Fish Guy

Recognize this man? … Hes our fish guy, and our reptile guy, and pretty
much the Critter Cabana authority on all things exothermic. His name
is Scott and he is a helpful guy who knows a lot…which is great for
the vast majority of us helpless pet owners who don’t know much. Yes,
Scott will tell you why your fish are dying and what you can do to
stop it. Don’t be fooled by his age, he’s a progressive thinker and
has an undying thirst for knowledge. You’ve got a friend in Scott, and every fishkeeper needs a friend like him.

Scott’s Pets: Gimli the pug, Lloyd the Mali Uromastyx, 180 gallon plant/cichlid combo aquarium, an angry beast of a Mexican Musk Turtle – Donatello, also host to the Critter Cabana Sulcata fleet as weather permits