Exotics In Stock

Adult coati on a tree

Adult coati on a tree

Legal Links:

US Fish and Wildlife Integrity– This is an extremely useful page showing all the animals that have been

prohibited for ownership in Oregon. There are a couple other random laws in Oregon, but this covers most everything.


Exotic Animal Regulations-This is the other set of laws that restricts exotic animal ownership in Oregon. Very useful.

Always check with your local animal control office for requirements by your city and county.

Breeders Wanted

We always need QUALITY local breeders for exotic mammals. If you are a breeder, please fill out our form

here and we will contact you!

Exotics currently at Critter Cabana! Even though this list is updated daily, its best to call to verify our

in stock and pricing information as our computer system sometimes has errors.


All animals must be picked up at our stores. Though we might in the future, at

this time we do not ship.

In Stock List (Wilsonville):

Description Price Qty
SA Hedgehog (African Pygmy) $249.99 49

In Stock List(Newberg):

Description Price Qty
Sugar Glider $225 3

Preorder List

Price (Estimate Only) Notes
Kinkajou Babies $3000-$3500 Almost always available to us
Kinkajou Adults $1600 Almost always available to us
Prehensile Tail Porcupine $1200 Sometimes available
Red Kangaroo Male-$3000 :: Female-$5000 One to Two Month Wait Times
Coatimundis $600-1000 Seasonal-Inquire in Spring

“w/Setup Purchase” vs. “a la carte”?

“w/Setup Purchase” is a special discounted price that all customers receive when purchasing appropriate setup supplies at

the time of purchase.

An setup must be approved by the sales rep at the time of purchase but for small animals generally includes the following:

  • A appropriate sized enclosure
  • Bedding
  • Food
  • Food dish
  • Water bottle
  • Wheels and hideouts
  • Chews

“A la carte” is the normal price for the animal without the special setup discount.