The exotic animal department at Critter Cabana is very exciting! We have a variety of exotics ranging from sugar gliders to armadillos! Our stock varies greatly based on availability but you can usually count on at least a few hedgehogs and sugar gliders.

Our exotics are always carefully chosen, and great care is taken to make sure that new owners of the pet are prepared for the commitment and are immediately connected to a community of owners and breeders of the species. We are always available for the support of our exotic animal owners and will continue to supply hard to find foods, supplements, and other exotic animal supplies.

You can rest assured that our animals recieve excellent care in the short time they call Critter Cabana their home. We also have access to a wide variety of animals that we either don’t like to keep in stock or need to be bottle raised. If you have any interest in having an exotic pet, give us a visit, and we will help you find the perfect companion.