Cat Adoptions

Newberg Cat Room

Newberg Cat Room

Newberg Location

Our front display is dedicated to helping out cats who have been given the short end of the stick in life, all of these come from Newberg Animal Shelter which is managed by Newberg Animal Shelter Friends.  At the current time we don’t accept cats from any other source in order to preserve the integrity of the quarantine procedures done by the NAS.

The cats and kittens generally are $100 and include a spay or neuter, deworming, deflea, and some level of vaccination depending on age.  You are allowed to interact with the cats as much as you like in our cat room.

If you are interested in adopting a cat but didn’t find one you liked at the store, please contact the Newberg Animal Shelter to see other available animals.503-554-9285

Note: We do not take in Cats from any source other than the Newberg Animal Shelter. If you have a situation involving animals that need attention please contact the Yamhill County Dog Control.  (note they do not do anything involving cats.)

Wilsonville Location

Wilsonville’s adoption program is committed to finding loving, committed homes for cats and kittens.  Our goal is to provide families the opportunity to adopt a cat or kitten with maximum education minimal screening and commitment to providing an exceptional lifestyle for the cats and kittens – and to support the shelters of the Portland Metro while we do it.

Where do our cats come from?

Some are dumped on our doorstep.  Some are dumped at our vet when an owner finds out they can’t afford a bill.  Some are picked up by a customer who found them on the side of the road.  If we have space to take an abandoned cat, kitten or litter of kittens we will do what we can to find them good homes.  We will never buy kittens from a breeder and we will never take cats or kittens from sources that we even remotely suspect are seeking to profit from breeding.

Aren’t you competing with the Humane Society and other shelters?

Absolutely not.  As part of this program we guarantee that a minimum of 50% of the sale price (not just the proceeds) will go to the non-profit animal organization of your choice (between OHS, CAT, and Pixie Project).  Our goal is to act as relief for these organizations by providing both monetary support and acting as a small independently run adoption center.  Critter Cabana values the same commitment to reducing animal overpopulation that the shelters do.  We require that all cats and kittens we adopt out be neutered or spayed AND we provide a superior amount of traffic and exposure to cats and kittens in need of homes. The bottom line is: adopt your cat here and you’re supporting local shelters in spirit and in deed.

Why “maximum education” and “minimal screening”?

While we support what many of shelters are doing we don’t necessarily agree with everything that they do.  As a business we believe that education comes first before owning a pet.  Once someone has been educated it is their job to act responsibly, not our job to tell them if it’s the right or wrong decision.  While we do refuse to adopt out to children under the age of 18, we are not going to tell a family that the cat we have up for adoption is incompatible with their children.  Hence the phrase “minimal screening”.  We will not screen each family and determine if we deem them worthy of cat ownership.  We will do everything we can to ensure that each family is fully prepared for the exciting adventure of adding a new member to the family and do our best to ensure that decision to adopt is the right one.  Hence the phrase “maximum education”.

Health Guarantee

We acquire kittens from a variety of sources ranging from local shelters to rescue groups to cardboard boxes left on our doorstep.  Unfortunately, it also means that most of the time we or the people who we have acquired the kittens from do not have a complete health profile or history for the kittens.  Our goal is to help healthy, well socialized kittens find homes at an affordable price.  For this reason our kittens don’t come with a health guarantee as priced.  We do however do whatever we can to make sure that if there’s a health issue, you know about it ahead of time.  Every kitten has had an exam before ever entering our doors.  We also give you a free exam after you adopt your kitten as a final opportunity for us to take responsibility for any health issues that might have been discovered.  However, Critter Cabana is not responsible for any veterinary care required beyond the first complimentary vet exam.

Are you seeking help in adopting out your cat or kitten? We might be able to help, just click here and fill out the form.