Birds in Stock

We have the following in stock, prices fluctuate often and may be different in the store:

In Stock List (Wilsonville):

Description Price Qty
BL Amazon $299.99 1
BL Canary Yellow Baby (F) $79.99 1
BL Canary Yellow Baby (M) $149.99 3
BL Cockatiel (F) $129.99 2
BL Cockatiel (M) $129.99 1
BL Conure; Sun $599.99 2
BL Finch (Cordon Bleu) $119.99 1
BL Finch (Lady Gouldian) $179.99 1
BL Finch (Society) $24.99 5
BL Finch (Zebra) $11.99 1
BL Finch; Zebra $12 1
BL Lovebird (Peach Face) $84.99 4
BL Parakeet (Budgie) $19.99 10

In Stock List(Newberg):

Description Price Qty
BL Conure; Green Cheek Adopt $75 1
BL Finch; Indian Spice $17 1
BL Finch; Zebra $15 1
BL Pacific Parrotlet $225 1
BL Parakeet $20 9

For more information on any of our birds give us a call, we love bragging about our beautiful feathery friends!

NOTE: The listed prices are consider our a la carte prices. Significant discounts up to 50% are usually

given when purchasing an animal with the appropriate components. See details below.

“w/Setup Purchase” vs. “a la carte”?

“w/Setup Purchase”

A special discounted price that all customers receive when purchasing appropriate setup supplies at the time of purchase.

An setup must be approved by the sales rep at the time of purchase but for small animals generally includes the following:

  • A appropriate sized enclosure
  • Pellet Diet
  • Seed Diet
  • Water bottle
  • Toys (for companion birds)

“A la carte”

The normal price for the animal without the special setup discount.