Bird Products

GoldenfeastGoldenfeast Seed Mix
A great seed that excels in variety. We have a basic line of their most popular mixes some of which contain over 40 healthy natural ingredients. This food is nutritional, and provides a great mix for anyone wanting their bird to have an exceptional diet.
When nutrition is important, Roudybush premium foods are second to none. We feed all of our birds at the store roudybush and you should feed yours Roudybush too.
Zupreem ZuPreem Exotic Bird Diets
Some swear by it, others swear at it. A lot of research goes into their foods which is definitely a plus. A good pellet for birds who aren’t eating enough, and some birds won’t eat anything but ZuPreem.
This is our bulk food line, and we have found it to be an outstanding value. We carry only the seed mixes, remember to also feed your bird a pellet diet.